Design Enthusiast

$480 CAD

Level of difficulty

  • 1build
  • 2build
  • 3build

Price range of products

  • 1monetization_on
  • 2monetization_on
  • 3monetization_on


  • Questionnaire
  • Mood board
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Colour Scheme + Room Concept
  • Coloured Elevations for Each Wall
  • Home Design Insider Secrets Guide ($42 value)
  • The Ultimate Home Selection Guide ($50 value)
  • Photograph + Measure Your Space + Furniture Worksheets ($44 value)
  • Home Design Budgeting Guide ($35 value)
  • Floor Plan + Furniture Layout (over $150 value)
  • Curated Shopping List (over $90 value)
  • Book your designer call

Work with a design expert and avoid making costly mistakes.

Here's what else your package includes:

  • 4 emails with a designer (over $150 value)
  • 2-3 day response time
  • 2 rounds of design changes
  • one call with a designer (over $150 value)

We will create a visual plan to show you how the pieces fit together so you can easily make decisions and create that room of your dreams.

Our Happiness Guarantee

Your purchase comes with a guarantee! We genuinely want to bring about changes in your home so if by any chance you are not happy with the design advice you’ve received, we’ll re-visit the options presented and allow for one complimentary round of revisions. Following that, you will have access to our services at a reduced rate.

Package is to be used within 1 month of sending us all the required info for your space (this keeps the momentum going to get your room completed with ease, it also ensures your selections are available as things seem to get discontinued quite quickly in the design world!)

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing this package you are agreeing to receiving a digital design package. Payments are non refundable and non transferable.